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Feeling inspired by the positivity? Our favourite tutor @ellalessons has created 3 super-duper challenges as a way to take those affirmations further and practice skills too! You got this!
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Activity Word List

1.Try and put together a list of as many positive adjectives as you can. (Great for KS1 and up)

2.Now, to challenge yourself, see if you can work out what the related noun would be. (Great for KS2 and up)

Tip: if you can put a/an/the in front of it and it sounds complete, it’s a noun.

E.g. The Happiness – a noun! The bright – not a noun. Extra challenge – some will also have related adverbs!
3. Lastly, try for some affirmation alliteration.
Eg: ‘Amazingly awesome’ ‘Boundlessly bright’ (Great for KS2 and 3)